Professional 72-Hole Medal Play

Professionals participate in a 72-hole medal play competition.

Team Format

Teams consist of one professional and four amateur partners. Within each flight division and in the overall competition, teams will compete in a one-best-ball gross PLUS one-best-ball net competition. This requires two balls to complete each hole, as the score for any one participant can count for gross OR net (not both). The professional’s ball is part of the team format and shall have a designated handicap of 0.

Flight Divisions

There will be three flight divisions, based on combined amateur handicaps.


All men’s handicaps are converted with the following tournament handicap chart. Male amateur participants will compete at the handicaps listed and from the tee colors noted. Each participant will play at the index determined by the tournament committee. This will be determined through a formula utilizing the player's low index for the year, and the player's current index. The formula is still under consideration due to the change to the World Handicapping program started this year. The following chart is an example, but may be slightly altered and the USGA will be consulted regarding the most equitable formula.

Individual IndexHDCPTee Color
and below+3.1+3Blue
19.3and higher16White

Ladies’ Handicaps

All ladies use the handicap chart noted above (note the comments under HANDICAPS section above). Ladies all play red tees.

Tournament Tees

Men's ProLadies' ProMen's AmateurLadies' Amateur
TournamentWhiteBlue & WhiteRed
Gold (50 - 59)
Blue (60+)

Senior Golfers

Age 60 and over male players, with a tournament index of 6.0 or higher, shall have the option of moving up from the blue tees to the white tees. If the player chooses this option, the player’s handicap will be reduced by 1.

1) The player must declare which tee he wishes to play from prior to teeing off on round #1 (inform the starter on #1 tee).  He will continue to play from the same tee color throughout the event and may not change this designation during the competition.
2) If the player is already playing from the white tees, this option does not exist, and he will remain playing from the white tees with the tournament handicap as noted.

Golf Genius – required in 2020

Golf Genius will be utilized once again to assist with the overall event.  Golf Genius is an app available to everyone and endorsed by the USGA.  This feature allows for ‘live scoring’ throughout the event for both professional scoring and also for team scoring in all flight divisions. Love scoring will be featured on monitors in the ‘Jim Flick Lounge’ on the driving range, on everyone’s smart phones, and for your friends and family at home.  It is a simple program, and professionals will be on hand at the event to assist each group with all aspects of setup and utilization.  Tee times, results, photos, and details will also be available for everyone through this application.

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